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  1. Hi Donna,

    I stumbled upon your new website. Our wonderful boy, Chester, will be 11 years old in May.
    He is healthy, happy and runs and plays like a puppy❤️
    I hope you, your family and all the pups are well.
    Warmest wishes,
    Karen Corcoran

  2. Hi Karen!! I so remember Chester! This is my new website so I hope you enjoyed it. It’s still a work in progress. Please send me some new photos of Chester when you can.

  3. Karen for whatever reason everytime I reply to your e-mail it tells me your e-mail address is no good. 🙁

  4. I am still very interested in one of your puppies to show. Color is my last priority. Please keep me in mind.

  5. Glad to see your ECS’s on your website. We live in the Dayton OH area. We used to own a Sugar Creek ECS that we showed ourselves to his CH and finished his GCH title with a handler some years ago. We are looking for another ECS, bitch. Currently, we have 2 Eng Setters, 8 year old bitch (GCH, retired) and a 2.5 year old dog (CH) that we may campaign in the west. Please let us know about your future litter plans and pricing.

    At our age (70s), Eng Setters are a little on the large size for us.

  6. Hi Larry & Judy, I’m friends with Lora the breeder of Sugarcreek ECS. I hope to have a couple litters this year, if you’d like to be considered for a puppy you’ll need to fill out the puppy inquiry form on my website.

  7. My husband and I are very interested in an English Cocker Spaniel for our next family member. We have always had labs, have a 4 1/2 year old chocolate female now, Chip. We lost our black male lab, Ace, 2 years ago at the age of 17. Ace was a gentle soul. My husband and I are getting older (we’re both retired), and we found that lifting Ace as he got older and more frail was getting difficult for us, so we’ve decided that a smaller dog would be better for us in the future. We love sporting dogs, and have friends who have an ECS, and he’s a lovable goof ball; just our style. I’ve done alot of reading on the breed, and am confident it’s the right dog for us at this stage of our lives. We’re thinking of adding our new family member in the next 12-18 months. I’ll continue to follow your website, and hope that when the time comes, there will be an opportunity for a puppy. Thanks!

  8. Hi Julie, To get on my waitlist you need to fill out the puppy inquiry form on my website. Thanks for inquiring! Donna

  9. Hi Donna, enjoying a relaxing Sunday morning reading over your website! Love looking at the pictures and literally laughed out loud at the description of the ECS having a toy or stuffed animal in their mouth when not eating…that was certainly our Molly! The Breeder’s Hand…so eloquent; so true. Website is very well put together and glad to see you keep it current. Fingers crossed! Hope you are well.

  10. Hi Ellen,

    Sorry I’m am just getting to your comment. I’m happy you enjoyed my website! Thanks! Donna

  11. Hi Donna!

    I was wondering if I am suppose to get some type of confirmation after submitting my puppy inquiry form. wanting to be sure im on the waitlist for a beautiful pup!

    thank you 🙂

  12. Hello, I look forward to discussing a possible relationship with you and your puppies.

  13. Hi Elizabeth, You can call me or send me an e-mail. That information is on the contact tab on my website.


  14. Just wanted to add how wonderful my ECS was with my autistic granddaughter. She was endlessly patient with the child . It made all of us so happy to see her calm and happy.

  15. My application was sent prematurely! I’m using a mobile device and pressed the wrong spot! I have no gender preference, but for color would prefer a solid black or a black with tan markings. However, for the right match for my family and I any color is fine. Thanks again for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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